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CFHS Roof Updates

Hey Wildcats! Welcome to the HS Roof Replacement Project Update page. We're so glad to get started on this important project, and we couldn't have done it without your gracious support in passing the recent levy. Our aim is to have the new roof ready to go by the time school starts up again in the fall, making sure everything's safe and sound for our students and staff. Be sure to check back here often for the latest updates throughout the summer.

Thanks again for supporting us and helping to make this project happen!

Page Updated: July 12, 2024


CFHS Roof Project

In this photo you can see the underside of the roof decking resting on the original trusses (red). This is a good section of the pan decking, one area that was not compromised.

Demolition working being done in the classrooms on the second floor.

Crews install scaffolding over the stairwell leading to the second floor. The scaffolding is in place to allow for access to the ceiling for removal.

Photo of the upstairs hallway, cleaned up and ready for the work to begin. Looking South with removed light fixtures in the hallway.

New roof trusses and metal pan decking staged in the East Parking lot at the high school. The taller tarped items you see is the insulation for the roof.

You can see the existing trusses and the old pan decking that is in terrible shape.

Confirmation that the roof was not in good shape and the replacement was necessary.

Demolition of the existing roof has been a process. The floors have been protected as the demo has not allowed for an easy process to take place.

You can see the tabs that were attached to the existing trusses. These were used to attach the old pan decking to the trusses.

View down the stairwell outside the English Department.

July 16, 2024

As I sure you have already heard, there was a small fire on the roof at the high school on the evening of July 15. I am so grateful for the rapid response of staff members, Columbia Falls Fire Department, Evergreen Fire Department, Whitefish Fire Department, Kalispell Fire Department, EMS Services, Columbia Falls Police Department and other first responders that arrived on the scene so quickly.  We had CFalls Staff members in the building working with students that responded appropriately to ensure their safety as well. The quick response and skilled training of the responders kept the damage to a minimum and only in the old roof material itself. Restoration efforts began last night around 9 pm as well as continued monitoring of the roof. The roof replacement project has been moving along and the crews working on the roof have been following the safety protocols that are in place. This was just an event that happened. Our contractors were on the scene last night and they were already discussing alternative ways that they can complete their work that might eliminate the chances of another event happening. The discussion of fire prevention has been part of the daily discussions on the job site.

Thanks again for all who responded in person and in thought. These are all manageable challenges that will be overcome thanks to the determination, grit, and understanding of our community.

July 12, 2024

We are moving now! The rain was great for the area and really provided some much needed moisture. Unfortunately, it delayed the project a bit as the crews had to prepare each night for rain. The pace of the demolition has increased and they have over 50 feet of the roof removed. It has been slow going (as you can see in the pictures above), but the crews are in good spirits. By the end of next week (7/19) we will have over 70 feet of new trusses in place out of the 240 feet project. On July 24 we will be meeting again and will have a solid understanding of the timeline for the project. Everyone is committed to getting the project done and for ensuring a smooth start to the school year. We will continue to keep you posted along the way. Thank in advance for your understanding.

June 24, 2024

Well, you can see daylight from the second floor! The crews have been putting in the hours to make some headway these past couple of weeks. We were able to release three rooms to Swank Enterprise (SE) prior to the end of the school year, thanks to our ever dedicated staff and flexible students. This allowed for a head start on the project and we are appreciative of any extra time that we can get.

It is also great to see the long awaited trusses in the parking lot. Next up for them will be to start placing them on the roof alongside the existing  trusses. It is fantastic to see the materials on site as that means we can proceed without waiting for materials.

Every other Wednesday, the Owner (District), Architect (Jackola), and Contractor (Swank Enterprise) will participate in a meeting to discuss project timelines, hiccups, and any necessary clarifications for the project. These OAC meetings are very useful to keep everyone on the same page during the construction and to address items in a timely manner.