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Bleed Blue Broadcast - BBB


This project is about you! The objective of this channel is to promote community above all: The community within our school, our town, and beyond. Our goal is to connect you to the people, the opportunities, and the events around you, while having some fun along the way. In order to accomplish this, we will be focusing on the following:  
First, will be people interviews: We recognize that there is amazing passion and talent within so many of the people in our community, some of which goes unnoticed, even in the faces we see everyday. We aim to bring some of these amazing qualities to light, especially those that exist outside of school and hopefully learn something new about the person: Be it teacher, student, or community member.
Secondly, we will be facilitating club promotionals. We know as a new student or someone looking to expand their horizons, there is an overwhelmingly wide variety of clubs to try and choose from. To assist this, we will bring a member of that club to talk about it, and hopefully through conversation, let you know what the club stands for and if it is something that you may be interested in. 
Thirdly, we will be discussing and sharing the details of opportunities outside of school and in the community. There are so many ways to get involved, display your talents, and even make a little money in the process.
And last, we will be doing school event informationals, explaining and giving details of things happening in the school and school affiliated programs. These will be fun and especially useful to new or transfer students who may not know the inner workings of all our amazing events and activities here at Columbia Falls. 
This is a growing project, something that will continue long after Colton and I are gone.