Options for Friday, Nov. 3rd: 

We are using today to "preload" or become acquainted with the content in the next few lessons by completing different activities.  You will summarize your discoveries from today after exploring some of the options below.

You may choose to complete any of the following tasks today.  Yes, you must be productive all period!  :)

1.  Manipulate figures to explore criteria that make triangles congruent. The sketches have already been constructed for you in Geometer's Sketchpad.  Open the "Triangle Congruence" file in Mrs. Wirkus' folder on the public drive.  Follow the directions in the file.

2.  Visit to go through Lessons 3.3 and 5.1-5.4.  Answer questions, watch videos, etc.  Get started by clicking here.

3.  Define the vocab terms from the modules:  corresponding angles of polygons, corresponding sides of polygons, included side, included angle, hypotenuse, leg of a right triangle

4.  Check out the explanations and diagrams on Math Is Fun and then work some sample problems.  The adventure begins here.

5.  Watch Khan Academy videos and then work practice problems related to congruent triangles.  Click here to start now.

6.  Challenge:  Complete the Mod 5 Compass Constructions WS.  You will use a compass and straightedge to construct triangles given certain criteria.  You must know how to construct congruent segments and congruent angles with a compass.  You may print the worksheet by clicking here.

With 5 minutes remaining in class, finish your activity and complete the Exit Ticket by clicking here.

Geometry is the second college preparatory course. Topics include the study of transformational, coordinate, and Euclidean geometry; two- and three-dimensional figures; and trigonometry. Also included will be strands from algebra, statistics, and discrete math. The objective of Geometry is to give students a good foundation in geometric concepts and reinforce algebraic skills. This is a prerequisite course for Algebra II.

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